Coronavirus (COVID-19): mental health tracker study - wave 2 report

Wave 2 findings (data collected from 17 July and 17 August 2020) indicate increased rates of suicidal thoughts, no significant changes in rates of depression or anxiety, and an improvement in most other indicators of mental health and wellbeing, compared to Wave 1 (data from 28 May to 21 June 2020)

Annex 4. Adherence to Guidelines

Respondents were asked how often they had been following guidelines regarding social distancing and COVID-19 prevention measures in the two weeks prior to their completion of the Wave 2 survey. These findings are illustrated in Table 4.1.

Table G. How often respondents followed Government guidelines
In the past two weeks: Always or often (%) Sometimes (%) Rarely or never (%)
I only went outside for food, health reasons or essential work 57.0 28.4 14.6
If I went out, I always stayed 2 metres (6 feet) away from other people at all times 82.8 10.7 6.5
I always washed my hands as soon as I got home. 82.4 10.7 6.9
I avoided meeting others (who were not members of my household), even friends and family. 61.5 23.1 15.4
I have worn a face covering when inside a store or shop 86.5 6.3 7.2
I have worn a face covering when on public transport 71.6 5.8 22.6



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