Scottish Breast Screening Programme: major review

Major review of the Scottish Breast Screening Programme.


All apendices are available in the supporting documents section.

Appendix 1: Uptake overview

Appendix 2: Breast Screening uptake in Scotland by datazone (GIS Maps)

Appendix 3: Exploring barriers and facilitators to breast screening uptake among disadvantaged groups and communities in Scotland

Appendix 4: Utilisation of appointments by breast screening centre and SBSP – 2 year snapshot

Appendix 5: Breast Screening Centre Satellite models

Appendix 6: SIMD breakdown for females aged 71yr and over: by NHS Board

Appendix 7: Scotland population projections women age 50-70 by Breast Screening Centre and age band

Appendix 8: (a) Scottish Breast Screening Service w.t.e. estimated establishment by professional group across the SBSP

(b) Overview of workforce change and issues for each Breast Screening Centre;

(c ) Survey of mammography staffing levels – Scottish Breast Screening Centres at mid 2020

Appendix 9: Breast Screening Digital Strategy presentation

Appendix 10: The Strategic Case for Artificial Intelligence in Breast Screening Mammography

Appendix 11: Utilising Digital Breast Tomosynthesis in Screening Assessment Clinics

Appendix 12: A Quality Management System (QMS) approach to breast screening and developing breast screening standards



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