The Integrated Administration and Control System: guidance

These notes tell you about the Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS) 2008.

1. Introduction

This booklet sets out the detailed rules of the IACS and the SAF for the SFPS. The SAF also incorporates the claim for NAS, ECS, PCP, LFASS and the area based options of the LMO and LMCMS. The SAF is a declaration of all the permanent and seasonal land you have in the United Kingdom as a separate IACS business. If you have land in different parts of the UK you will have to fill in a SAF for each country you have land in. You should read the scheme guidance for any scheme you are claiming under, which requires you to submit a SAF, and the Cross Compliance Notes for Guidance.

Who needs to apply?

You must submit a SAF if you wish to claim and be paid under any of the following 2008 schemes: SFPS; SBCS; LMO/ LMCMS; LFASS; ECS; PCP; and NAS.

You must complete:

  • A Single Application Form ( IACS(2));
  • Field Data Sheets ( IACS(3) and IACS(4)), detailing all the land you have on 15 May 2008.

If you do not declare all your land, we may apply penalties.

If you do not submit a SAF, your SFPS payments will be lost for the scheme year. And, if you have claimed under any of the other schemes listed above, these claims will not be valid and we will not make payment.

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