The Integrated Administration and Control System: guidance

These notes tell you about the Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS) 2008.

8. Payments

Sterling or Euros?

We can pay you in either Pounds Sterling or Euros (except LMO, LMCMS and LFASS where the payment amounts have only a sterling value). We will pay you in Sterling unless you choose to be paid in Euros.

To be paid in Euros you need to tick the box at Question 7 of the IACS(2) form. If you ask to be paid in Euros and we have paid you in Euros before, we will use the same account details for your 2008 payment unless you tell us not to. If you have not been paid in Euros before we will send you a BACS (2) (Euros) form for Euro payments. You must return the BACS (2) to the Single Farm Payment Team (see Annex 6 for contact details).

If you do not tick the Euros box on the IACS(2) form and then decide you want to be paid in Euros you must tell us this by 30 June 2008. After 30 June 2008, you will be tied to payments in either Sterling or Euros until the following IACS year.

Payments by BACS

We will make payments under all schemes covered by IACS to your business' nominated bank account using the BACS. If we do not already have your bank account details, or if you want to change them, you must fill in a BACS (1) form and submit it to your SGRPID area office.

Please keep your BACS details up to date to avoid payment delays. BACS(1) and BACS (2) (Euros) forms are available from your SGRPID area office.

We will not process requests for mandates.

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