The Integrated Administration and Control System: guidance

These notes tell you about the Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS) 2008.




1 January 2008

Start of the SAF year. You must meet all cross compliance conditions from this date.

15 January 2008

Start of the set-aside period. You must not have any crops still in the ground or graze land, that is managed as set-aside.

15 May 2008

Last day for SGRPID to receive your SAF if you are to avoid a late claim reduction.

Last day for Rural Payments Agency ( RPA) to receive your non-food contract for industrial crops grown on set-aside land, or under the Energy Crop Scheme.

Last day for SGRPID to receive your LMO application ( SGRPID cannot accept applications received after 15 May).

Start of the LMCMS scheme year.

31 May 2008

Last day we can accept amendments to SAFs (received on or before 15 May 2008) without reducing your payments.

9 June 2008

Last day for SGRPID to receive your SAF ( SGRPID cannot accept SAFs received on or after 10 June).

30 June 2008

Payment window for 2007 closes.

15 July 2008

You can sow crops on set-aside land for harvest in 2009.

31 August 2008

2008 set-aside period ends.

1 December 2008

Payment window opens for SFPS, ECS, NAS and PCP.

31 December 2008

Cross compliance period ends.

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