Health and social care staff experience: report 2018

The Scottish Government has commissioned Webropol Ltd, an independent company to undertake the work to report staff experience in Health and Social Care in 2018. Their report provides detailed information and analysis of staff experience gleaned from our iMatter Continuous Improvement Model.

Part 5: Action Plans

All teams are encouraged to complete an action plan within 12 weeks of receiving their iMatter report. The table below shows the percentage of teams for each Board that have completed action plans.

The majority of boards, fifteen in total, have increased the percentage of teams with action plans for 2018 compared to 2017. Only five boards have fewer action plans in 2018 than they did in 2017 and two Boards have the same percentage in both years.

table Percentage of action plans completed within 12 weeks by Board in 2017 and 2018

Shaded boards did not get 2018 iMatter EEI report

* Boards did not get a report in neither 2017 nor 2018

Increase in Action Plans

Overall 56% of teams across Health and Social Care have a 2018 iMatter action plan, up thirteen percentage points from 2017. However, there is considerable variation across the Boards, from only 14% in NHS Western Isles to 90% in NHS Health Scotland.

Many Boards have increased considerably the proportion of teams with action plans. The biggest percentage point increases are:

  • NHS Forth Valley from 26% to 80% (+54pp)
  • NHS 24 from 15% to 66% (+51pp)
  • NHS Borders from 26% to 75% (+49pp)
  • NHS Dumfries and Galloway from 12% to 46% (+34pp)
  • NHS Shetland from 13% to 45% (+32pp)
  • NHS Lothian from 33% to 60% (+27pp)

Relationship between Action Plans and other Key Performance Indicators

From the variation in the level of action plans completed across the boards, it appears there are differing level of commitment to action planning. In order to explore this we look at the percentage of teams with action plans compared to other KPIs and other factors that have been seen to be linked to differences between boards.

Lowest percentage of Action Plans Completed within 12 weeks: The nine Boards with the lowest percentage of teams with action plans includes seven of the nine Boards that did not get an EEI report in 2018.

Organisation 2018
NHS Western Isles 14%
NHS Tayside 41%
NHS Fife 42%
NHS Shetland 45%
NHS Dumfries & Galloway 46%
NHS Highland 48%
NHS Grampian 49%
NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde 50%

Shaded boards did not get 2018 iMatter EEI report

The three boards that did not reach the 60% response rate threshold in either 2017 or 2018 have all shown an increase in the percentage of teams with actions plans.

Response Rate: There is a relationship between the share of teams with action plans in 2018 and the 2018 response rate. Typically, teams with a higher response rate are likely to have a higher proportion of action plans completed for 2018.

2018 Action Plans

Of more importance though is the link between the percentage of teams completing 2017 iMatter action plans and the 2018 response rate. It is clear from the chart below that there is a positive relationship between the two measures. This suggests that completion of 2017 action plan demonstrates commitment within the team to iMatter and therefore helped to drive a higher response rate in 2018.

2017 Action Plans

There is no clear pattern in percentage of action plans completed linked to geographic or national boards.

2018 Action Plans Geographic Boards National Boards
Highest level of Action Plans NHS Orkney 81% NHS Health Scotland 90%
Lowest level of Action Plans NHS Western Isles 14% The State Hospital 55%

Action Plans and Team Stories

Many stories included details of Action Plans and the process by which they are created. There is a direct link made between no Action Plan in 2017 and a perception of 'no action' and therefore less engagement and enthusiasm to take part in 2018. This appears to translate into a drop in response rate.

"Staff have verbally stated that they are unlikely to complete the questionnaire in 2018 as they completed it in 2017 and no action was taken." Aberdeen City H & SCP

Equally there is reference to the follow-up action of monitoring scores to see if the previous year's actions have been effective with clear tracking of KPIs (response rate, EEI and Action Plan completion) from 2017 to 2018.

Health Scotland Awards Team 2017 actions were aimed at moving scores for contribution to organisation goals and involvement in organisation decisions. In this instance, movement in scores was not seen in 2018 as there was a feeling that these were perhaps beyond the control of the team. So, the focus for 2018 moved towards celebration of the things the team were good at.

The State Hospital AHP Team story details 2017 actions and desired outcomes and reports on the successes and focuses on actions for 2018.

"The aim of our journey was to become more cohesive and visible."

NSS Clinical Dental Team and Dumfries and Galloway Nithsdale Health and Social Care Locality Management Team are two examples of teams that are building on what was dome as part of the 2017 iMatter programme and are monitoring 2017 Action Plan progress and building on them for 2018. The latter consider themselves to be 'on a journey'

"Being the best that we can be!"



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