Health and social care staff experience: report 2018

The Scottish Government has commissioned Webropol Ltd, an independent company to undertake the work to report staff experience in Health and Social Care in 2018. Their report provides detailed information and analysis of staff experience gleaned from our iMatter Continuous Improvement Model.

Further Considerations

Individuals within Teams

Some teams show a variability in opinions within the team. It is important that whilst stories should and do celebrate success, that also the views of less happy contented staff are Considered within discussions and action plans. There are instances at team level where individual ratings range from Strive and Celebrate to Focus to Improve. Activities that bring teams together are important in addressing these differences in opinions, but equally perhaps attention needs to be paid to individuals in order to address their concerns.

The approach taken at Scottish Ambulance Service Shotts Station has been very focused on the individuals within the team, with one to one sessions with staff:

"Positive reinforcement and encouragement for any good work, regardless of how small, to show the team they were appreciated and not taken for granted."

These one-on-one sessions will allow individual, personal concerns to be heard and addressed, something that is not always evident across some of the Team Stories. So where other teams may need to consider also the individuals, this particular team may find its next priority is to work on challenges collectively as a team.

Top-Down Activity

As noted the Action Planning and Team Story process starts at individual teams and builds to cross-team projects. In order to address concerns around the relationships between teams and the wider organisation, inclusion of Directorate or Board level Action Plans and Team Stories focused on how to build stronger overall relationships may help to address this issue. Demonstrating and sharing the link between iMatter results and strategic planning is also important, as demonstrated below by NHS Lanarkshire Corporate Management team

Visualisation of NHS Lanarkshire Corporate Management team strategic planning

Sharing Best Practice

Team Stories have a huge collection of great and diverse ideas. Clearly, this report and the Team Stories website are great forums for giving the wider organisation access to them. There are many examples of best practice that can be shared widely across the organisation and adopted by many other teams.

Examples of best practice action that could be rolled out include:

Visualisation of NHS Tayside who have a Power of Positivity Box

The focus in many team stories on the simple things that can make a huge difference, for example the widespread emphasis on saying "well done" and "thank you" as implemented by The Emergency Department at NHS Tayside in their Learning from Excellence programme and the "positive reinforcement and encouragement of any good work, regardless of how small" at Scottish Ambulance Service Shotts Station



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