Health and social care staff experience: report 2018

The Scottish Government has commissioned Webropol Ltd, an independent company to undertake the work to report staff experience in Health and Social Care in 2018. Their report provides detailed information and analysis of staff experience gleaned from our iMatter Continuous Improvement Model.

Key Performance Indicators

Throughout the analysis of iMatter there is focus on 4 KPIs:

Overall Response Rate: 59%
Questionnaires issued: 177,619
Responses received: 104,254

Response Rates

The response rate is calculated as the percentage of questionnaires issued that have been completed and returned within the allowable time. This logic is applied whether looking at all health and social care participants or an individual team or Board.

In total 177,619 questionnaires were issued. 23,441 (13%) of these were to social care staff within participating H & SCPs and 154,178 were NHSScotland staff. A total of 104,254 usable responses were received. This equates to an overall response rate of 59%. Whilst this overall response rate is below the agreed threshold of 60% that is required to produce the national iMatter Report, the national iMatter Components Report is available (see Appendix 1).

No Report

The level of No Report is tracked at a Team; Directorate; and Board level. This shows the proportion within each group who have not achieved the response rate threshold of 60%. Overall 9 out of 22 Boards and 38% of Teams did not receive an iMatter report.

Employee Engagement Index Score (EEI)

The Employee Engagement Index (EEI) is calculated based on the number of responses for each point on the scale (Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree) multiplied by its number value (6 to 1). These scores are added together and divided by the overall number of responses to give the score to show level of engagement (see Appendix 1).

EEI scores are provided only for Teams; Directorates; and Boards that have reached the response rate threshold. Because the response rate threshold was not achieved overall, no EEI score has been calculated for Health and Social Care.

Action Plans Agreed

Each team is invited to complete a continuous improvement action plan. This report shows the percentage of teams who have an agreed Action Plan in place within 12 weeks of receiving iMatter results.

Summary of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) by Board

The table below shows the KPIs for each of the Health and Social Care Boards including H & SCPs

Board Response Rate EEI Score No Report* Action Plans
Health and Social Care 59% No report 38% 56%
Golden Jubilee Foundation 63% 78 31% 71%
Healthcare Improvement Scotland 86% 80 15% 89%
NHS 24 70% 77 34% 66%
NHS Ayrshire & Arran 59% No report 33% 61%
NHS Borders 53% No report 44% 75%
NHS Dumfries & Galloway 59% No report 39% 46%
NHS Education for Scotland 84% 81 15% 82%
NHS Fife 53% No Report 47% 42%
NHS Forth Valley 62% 75 35% 80%
NHS Grampian 60% 77 37% 49%
NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde 54% No Report 41% 50%
NHS Health Scotland 91% 81 0% 90%
NHS Highland 51% No report 51% 48%
NHS Lanarkshire 62% 78 35% 67%
NHS Lothian 63% 77 34% 60%
NHS National Services Scotland 77% 76 16% 76%
NHS Orkney 83% 76 11% 81%
NHS Shetland 56% No report 44% 45%
NHS Tayside 58% No report 44% 41%
NHS Western Isles 52% No report 50% 14%
Scottish Ambulance Service 64% 67 33% 86%
The State Hospital 77% 77 23% 55%

Shaded boards did not get 2018 iMatter EEI report

* Teams with No Report are teams of more than 4 people who did not achieve a 60% response rate and teams of 4 or less people that did not achieve 100% response rate



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