Health and homelessness in Scotland: research

Study exploring the relationship between homelessness and health.

Annex B: The homelessness data used in the Study (The HL1 Dataset)

Population Data
Data controller: Scottish Government
A record represents: A homeless application
Data collection start: The system went live nationally on 10 December 2001, with major changes to changes to the questions in 2007
Frequency of collection: Quarterly from Local Authorities
Number of annual records: 52,000 in 2002/03 reducing to 34,000 in 2016/17
Geography coverage: Scotland
Population coverage: All homeless applications in Scotland
Study Data
Data period: Varies by Local Authority. First assessment is dated 4 June 2001 and last assessment is dated 7 November 2016. Note: some Local Authorities were able to go live before the national rollout in 2001.
Number of records: 429,078 applications which were assessed as homeless or threatened with homelessness [55]
Hereafter referred to as: Homelessness Data
Population coverage: The study dataset contains all HL1 applications which were matched to records in the H2H dataset and filtered to include only those which were assessed as homeless or threatened with homelessness.
LACODE Q1: Local Authority code
APPREF Q3: Application Reference
APPDATE Q2: Date of application
PREVAPP Q4: Application reference of the most recent of any associated applications
GENDER1 Q9.1: Gender of main applicant
MILITARY Q10c: Whether any member of the applicant household was formerly a member of the armed services
LKDAFTER Q10d: Whether any member of the applicant household aged under 25 years was looked after as a child by their local authority
ROUGH Q12: Has any member of the applicant household slept rough during the 3 months preceding their application
ROOFLESS Q13: Did any member of the applicant household sleep rough on the night immediately preceding the date of application
PROPERTY Q14a: From what type of property did the main applicant become homeless / threatened with homelessness?
REASON Q16: Reason (pre- 1 April 2007)
RSNTECH Q16a: Technical reason for application
ASSESS Q17: Statutory assessment decision
ASSDATE Q18: Date of assessment decision
SPTNDS1 Q20b.1: Reasons for support needs - Mental health problem
SPTNDS2 Q20b.2: Reasons for support needs - Learning disability
SPTNDS3 Q20b.3: Reasons for support needs - Physical disability
SPTNDS4 Q20b.4: Reasons for support needs - Medical condition
SPTNDS5 Q20b.5: Reasons for support needs - Drug or alcohol dependency
SPTNDS6 Q20b.6: Reasons for support needs - Basic housing management / independent living skills
OUTCOME Q22: Duty discharge action taken by authority
CLOSDATE Q27: Date of last action taken and case being closed
HHTYPE Household Type. Derived variable based on the number of adults and children in the applicant household


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