Financial support marketing campaign 2021-2022: evaluation report – August 2022

An overview of the financial support marketing campaign which ran from 29 November 2021 to 20 March 2022, including independent evaluation results.


1. Fieldwork was conducted between 29 June and 7 July 2021 by the research agency Trinity McQueen who were working for the Union advertising agency. All participants were newly financially struggling due to the pandemic and qualified as ‘squeezed’ using the Money Advice Service segmentation. It consisted of 8 focus groups and 12 remote Zoom interviews across four core audiences: Young adults; families; older/pre-retired; positive deviants.

2. Research conducted in October 2021 by Trinity McQueen for the Union across a broad range of target audiences including young adults (non-students), families, older/pre-retired, people with caring responsibilities, single parent families, minority ethnic families, young families, and disabled household.

3. The total recognition objective has been filtered by the different socio-economic groups that were targeted by the different campaign target audiences. For example, the TV campaign was seen by C1/C2/D/E, benefit uptake and debt advice seen by C1/C2/D and affordable credit seen by C2/D/E.

4. ‘Recognisers’ is a term used to describe those who recognised the campaign (or a particular phase) when prompted with examples (with the TV ad played in full)

5. Participants were prompted within the research with stimulus from the TV advert and then one execution based on digital stills of one of the other three campaign strands of Benefit Uptake, Debt Advice and Affordable Credit.

6. Base size is all Campaign Recognisers: Financial Support TV 456, Benefit Uptake 53, Debt advice 47, Affordable Credit 53



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