Financial support marketing campaign 2021-2022: evaluation report – August 2022

An overview of the financial support marketing campaign which ran from 29 November 2021 to 20 March 2022, including independent evaluation results.

11. Conclusions

Finances were very much front of mind then and continue to be now. Of those people struggling, many felt embarrassed and almost everyone (94%) surveyed within the evaluation sample had taken some action to cut back on expenditure. This demonstrated the importance of the campaign to help reassure and guide people towards financial support.

The campaign was very positively received, with high levels among those who recognised it acknowledging its relevance and supportiveness. While the overall target for campaign recognition was exceeded, recognition targets for the individual phases of the campaign were slightly lower than anticipated, believed to be due to the large amount of noise across media channels around financial support messaging, making it more difficult for the advertising to distinctly stand out in its own right.

Notably, levels of claimed action from campaign recognisers were high, exceeding the SMART objective target of 30% for the campaign overall, with the total figure for claimed or planned action for the campaign as a whole reaching 74%.



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