Equality evidence strategy 2023 to 2025: consultation paper - easy read

We are consulting on a plan to get better facts, figures and information about equality. The answers will help us improve our plan to have better equality evidence. The plan will be used to develop Scotland’s new equality evidence strategy from 2023 to 2025. The deadline for this consultation has now been extended. This consultation is open from 1 July to 7 October.


Action 14 – Office of National Statistics Time Use Survey

This survey is about how different people spend their time.

We will analyse the survey using equality information and publish it in a Scottish Government report by February 2023.

Action 15 - Scotland's Gender Equality Index

  • to restart an expert working group to support the next version of Scotland's Gender Equality Index

This gives information about how equal Scotland is for women.

  • publish a new version of Scotland's Gender Equality Index in December 2023.

Action 16 - Scottish Social Attitudes Survey

We will collect data in the Scottish Social Attitudes Survey on what people in Scotland think about discrimination of people with equality characteristics.

We will publish the information in a Scottish Government report by December 2025.



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