Equality evidence strategy 2023 to 2025: consultation paper - easy read

We are consulting on a plan to get better facts, figures and information about equality. The answers will help us improve our plan to have better equality evidence. The plan will be used to develop Scotland’s new equality evidence strategy from 2023 to 2025. The deadline for this consultation has now been extended. This consultation is open from 1 July to 7 October.

Health and Social Care

Action 19 - Health and Care Experience Survey

  • by the end of July 2022 we will publish data on how people with different equality characteristics experience health and care
  • use the equality data to look at which patients have the best care experience

Publish the results by the end of December 2022.

Action 20 - Primary Care Out of Hours Workforce Survey

  • improve data about age and sex/gender by:
    • making sure we get complete data information from more organisations
    • start to collect data about staff groups who are employed or managed by out of hours services
  • decide if we can have new questions about ethnicity/race and disability

Action 21 - data about women's health

  • check what data we have and what data we still need
  • work with organisations to check what data we need about women's health
  • work with organisations that give us data to understand the availability of their information and what makes this difficult to publish
  • find ways to get better data on women's health, make a plan about how to do this and check how well work is going

Action 22 - Primary Care (GP) Workforce Survey Scotland

  • find ways to get better data about age and sex and get more people to give us information
  • check if we can link to the National Primary Care Clinician Database
  • check the quality of data collected about maternity leave
  • see if we could introduce new questions about ethnicity/race and disability

Action 23 - data for Weight Management Services for children, young people and adults in Scotland

Check the data we have and:

  • decide what new data is needed on age, disability, race/ethnicity, religion and pregnancy/maternity
  • update the data we already have
  • have a consultation to get feedback from Healthy Weight Leads in NHS boards
  • make changes to the NHS Education for Scotland IT system
  • change guidance for NHS boards
  • NHS boards will collect better data about equalities
  • we will collect and publish better equalities data every year

Action 24 - Mental Health Inpatients Census (MHIC)

The Mental Health Inpatients Census gets information from people in hospital because of:

  • Mental Health or Learning Disability
  • Mental Health, Addiction and Learning Disability Patients in hospitals outside Scotland
  • Hospital Based Complex Clinical Care and Long Stay patients

It is being checked to make sure we are collecting the right data for users to meet their needs.

We plan to expand the range of data that is collected to cover all nine of the protected characteristics if possible.



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