Coronavirus (COVID-19) Strategic Framework update February 2022: business and regulatory impact assessment

Business and regulatory impact assessment ( (BRIA) covering the Strategic Framework update February 2022.

Consumer Assessment

  • Does the policy affect the quality, availability or price of any goods and services in a market?
  • Does the policy involve the storage or increased use of consumer data?
  • Does the policy increase opportunities for unscrupulous suppliers to target consumers?
  • Does the policy impact the information available to consumers on either goods or services, or their rights in relation to these?
  • Does the policy affect routes for consumers to seek advice or raise complaints on consumer issues?

Any future restrictions on the operations of consumer-facing businesses might affect consumer demand for goods and services in different ways.

In relation to weddings, policy decisions taken may impact on a variety of decisions taken by couples, including whether the wedding should take place in Scotland or elsewhere.

Measures applied to the retail sector should take into account access to essential food and other goods, particularly to our most vulnerable and rural communities who do not have the same access.

Test run on Business Forms

No statutory forms will be created.

Hybrid Working

Hybrid working primarily applies to sectors supplying services rather than goods, as physical attendance on the premises is usually required for the processing of goods.

In relation to hybrid working, consumers being the workers looking for employment, consumers may discount sectors or businesses who do not offer hybrid working. Businesses offering hybrid working options may then be able to attract a wider pool and calibre of staff.

More generally, we have seen that with increased availability of technology, many sectors are able to support increased levels of home working without significant impact on their services.

Businesses will need to ensure that their infrastructure is sufficient to ensure that any data used or accessed by staff remotely remains secure, in line with all relevant regulations and requirements.



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