Coronavirus (COVID-19) Strategic Framework update February 2022: business and regulatory impact assessment

Business and regulatory impact assessment ( (BRIA) covering the Strategic Framework update February 2022.

Requirement for BRIA

The completion of a BRIA is recommended as best practice within the Scottish Government.[1] A BRIA helps to assess the impact of new legislation, as well as other changes such as voluntary guidance or policy changes, even where they do not necessarily present additional obvious burdens. In such cases it can either help confirm understanding that the impact will not change or identify and address unintended impacts which have not been identified. The content of a BRIA should be proportionate to the problem involved and the size of the proposal.

In the case of the Strategic Framework Update, the publication is not a standard legislative change/policy decision requiring a standard, template BRIA. Rather it contains a collection of policy decisions and intentions from across the Scottish Government. Consequently, we have invited contributions on the general impact of the pandemic.



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