Digital Transformation Service

The Digital Transformation Service (DTS) offers a range of services and helps public sector organisations to:

  • deliver user-centred services in line with the Digital Scotland Service Standard
  • identify new, more efficient ways of working 
  • access tools, resources and data to support innovation and evidence-based decision making

DTS has worked with many organisations across the Scottish public sector. 

This includes Disclosure Scotland, Social Security Scotland, and the Scottish Public Pensions Authority. 

How DTS works

DTS can support you in different ways depending on your needs and budget – such as providing:

  • signposting, advice and guidance
  • independent challenge and support for your project
  • experts to help build your team’s capability and capacity

If you need help delivering a project, the first step is to contact the team (

DTS will then work with you to understand:

  • what people need from your service
  • business goals 
  • project timescales 
  • budget
  • organisational risks and opportunities 

Then DTS will make recommendations about your project - including:

  • what kind of support your organisation might need
  • how to get support
  • how much this might cost
  • next steps

Past projects

Every project is different because every organisation is different. But it often involves:

  • working collaboratively with the organisation
  • using agile methods to focus on people, rather than systems 
  • designing for the whole service - not just websites
  • learning and testing regularly 
  • thinking about the business landscape and getting stakeholder buy-in from the beginning

Find out more about working with DTS and using agile methodology

You can also learn more digital transformation in the Scottish Government on the Digital Blog. 

More support and information

If you’re looking for more digital help, here are some resources you might find useful. 

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Scotland’s Digital Strategy

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Agile delivery

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