Digital Identity National Stakeholder Group


The Digital Identity National Stakeholder Group met over the period February 2018 to May 2019. Stakeholder engagement for the digital identity programme has been refocused on a broader communications and engagement programme, including the public engagement work and open sessions, such as the online event held in November 2022.

The Scottish Government Digital Strategy committed to work with stakeholders, privacy interests and members of the public to develop a robust, secure and trustworthy mechanism by which an individual member of the public can demonstrate their identity online (to access public sector digital services).

This group (formerly the Online Identity Assurance National Stakeholder Group) will inform the design, direction and prioritisation of the Scottish Government's digital identity programme of work.

Roles and responsibilities

  • to inform the overall work to identify the potential options and develop the solution or solutions for a common approach to Online Identity Assurance

  • to advise the Programme Board on the content and direction of the programme, from a national stakeholder perspective

  • to represent a broad range of sectors and interests, which would potentially be impacted by the programme or be part of its delivery, including citizen interests, privacy groups, service providers, academic and professional interest groups

  • to inform the planning and delivery of the overall programme, including the Discovery project, forward plans for the Alpha and Beta phases, and plans for longer term implementation

  • to highlight connected issues and wider impacts; including identifying where there are links across the landscape and direction for digital public service delivery and a need for alignment to the national policy and legislative framework


  • the expectation is that this work will be conducted in the spirit and practice of open government

  • as part of this process, agendas, meeting papers and documentation will be proactively published

  • the aim is to make the work of the Group as open as possible. Meetings will be publically advertised, with the intention that those who wish to can have the opportunity to register to attend and participate

  • the Group will aim to meet quarterly, although may amend its schedule of meetings to fit the needs of the programme

  • members may nominate an alternate or delegate to attend those meetings which they are unable to attend

  • the Group will be supported by the Scottish Government Digital Identity Scotland Assurance Team

Related groups


Name, Organisation, Nominated alternate

  • Roger Halliday (Chair), Scottish Government Chief Statistician and Chief Data Officer, Susie Braham
  • Bob Miller, Argyll and Bute Council
  • Douglas White, Carnegie UK Trust Rachel Heydecker, Anna Grant
  • Iain Forrester, Citizens Advice Scotland
  • Douglas Shirlaw, Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA)
  • Joy Bramfitt-Wanless, Disclosure Scotland
  • Cameron Walker, Improvement Service
  • Martyn Wallace, Local Government Digital Office
  • David Laughlin, National Entitlement Card Programme Office, Brenda Robb
  • Alan Ferrier, National Records of Scotland, Stuart Law, Tim Ellis
  • John Welford, No2ID
  • Tommy Laughlin, Scotland IS
  • David McNeill, Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO)
  • Penni Rocks, Scottish Government Health and Social Care Directorate
  • Emma Harvey, Scottish Government Ingage Team
  • Arlene Stuart, Social Security Agency
  • Paul Dymock, Student Awards Agency for Scotland
  • Gordon Hanning, Transport Scotland
  • Kirsten Urquhart, Young Scot, Danielle Logan
  • Stephanie Brown, Registers of Scotland
  • Peter McBride
  • Diego Quiroz, Scottish Human Rights Commission

Scottish Government attendees

  • Susie Braham, Online Identity Assurance Strategic Lead
  • Mike Crockart, Online Identity Assurance Technical Lead
  • Gavin Ross, Online Identity Assurance Programme Manager
  • Jess Roscoe, Stakeholder Engagement
  • Stephen Peacock, Policy Manager
  • Ross Clark, Communications Manager (project lead for Open Government)
  • Leona Devlin, Project Support
  • Gillian Munro, Online Identity Assurance Support Officer





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