Single building assessment

A single building assessment is being introduced in Scotland.

Scottish Ministers announced on the 19 March 2021 that the recommendations from the Ministerial Working Group on Mortgages and Cladding would be accepted.  One of those recommendations was the introduction of a ‘Single Building Assessment’ (SBA). 

Initial phase – information gathering

We are committed to providing support and remediation where there is a risk to life due to unsafe cladding systems on external walls. The SBA programme will carry out fully funded safety assessments to determine which properties have a fire safety risk. Where problems are found, this will help to identify the scale of repairs needed to make buildings safe.

During the first phase of this work, we want to identify buildings where previous assessments highlighted a potential risk to life. This might be because of the cladding system, materials used or other fire safety issues.

To begin the process, we asked for Expressions of Interest (EoI) from private owners, owners associations, local authorities, registered social landlords and property managers to participate in the initial phase of Single Building Assessment.

Next steps

We have now identified 25 high priority buildings to test and develop the Single Building Assessment, before inviting applications for the Scotland wide roll out.

If your building was not selected for the initial phase, expression of interest applicants will be contacted to apply for a Single Building Assessment when the Scotland wide roll out commences in the coming months.   

This information will be updated as the programme progresses.

If you require further information on the SBA process, or if you have any queries please contact us at

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