Cladding Remediation Programme Board


The programme board supports the Senior Responsible Owner (SRO) to advocate for and assure the programme on behalf of, and in support of, Scottish Ministers.

It represents stakeholders within the Cladding Remediation Programme and assists the SRO to oversee the realisation of benefits

The Programme Board’s accountability relates only to implementation. It will remain for the appointed Cabinet Secretary/Minister to mandate policy decisions and development.


Related groups


  • Senior Responsible Owner - Rachel Sunderland, Deputy Director (Cladding Remediation Division)
  • Technical Advisors:
    • Stephen Garvin, Deputy Director (Building Standards Division)
    • Morag Angus, Chief Surveyor (Scottish Government)
  • External Assurance:
    • David Martin, Scottish Government Non-Executive Director
    • Ron Fraser, Professional Advisor
  • Programme Delivery:
    • Scottish Government officials
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