Workforce strategy


We published our workforce strategy for the building standards verification service in October 2020. 

The aim of the strategy is to strengthen the operational resilience of the building standards service by committing to change.

It is essential for verifiers to have a workforce with the right blend of skills and experience to carry out their role as a verifier, maintaining and building their capacity and capability to deliver a sustainable service into the future.

The strategy supports the development of a workforce that has the competency and capability to deliver a first-class service. A key part of the strategy is developing a workforce that has the necessary skills and experience to carry out the verification role and be afforded the opportunity to gain the relevant qualifications. The expected outcome is for a sustainable service that can respond to new challenges, such as advances in construction technology and the digital world.

Commitments and actions

The strategy is based around four themes with a shared commitment to timely and accurate data reporting:

  • a sustainable workforce
  • a skilled workforce
  • a professional framework
  • a profession for everyone

The strategy will be implemented over a three year period, and sets out key national commitments by Scottish Government and local commitments for local government and other partners. There are a number of actions that will be taken forward at a national and local level to deliver successful outcomes.

The commitments are supported by actions that seek to strengthen the skills and competence of the workforce, attract, recruit and retain people in essential job roles.

Over the next 3 years, actions from the strategy will assist local authority verifiers to improve their operational resilience, develop entry points for a career into the building standards profession, and promote building standards as a rewarding professional career in the public sector.

To find out more about strategy delivery and how get involved, please access the Workforce Strategy for Building Standards Verification Service Awareness Pack.

Partnership working

We will work with Local Authority Building Standards Scotland (LABSS) to raise the profile and esteem of the building standards profession. The focus is to attract a more diverse demographic of people into job roles and encourage those with transferrable skills who are looking for a change to see building standards as a rewarding career choice.

Proposals will also be developed for specific building standards training courses leading to relevant qualifications for building standards professionals.

Professional Framework

The Building Standards Professional Competency Framework (Professional Framework) aims to provides a consistent national approach to the assessment of competency for individuals. This will improve the profession by ensuring individuals operate within their level of competence, and have the skills and experience required whist undertaking the verification role.  Competency of the individual is baselined against an agreed job role description. The result is a sustainable verification service with professionals to meet the demands of the service.

The competency and capability required by individuals to carry out their job role is set out against the supporting Competency assessment system (CAS).  The  Professional Framework complements the CAS by providing a common language to improve communication and understanding of the building standards profession.

Competency assessment system

A Competency Assessment System (CAS) is available to individual staff members on the LABSS website.  The CAS provides a consistent set of competencies that are linked to relevant training and work-based learning options to support attainment.

The CAS introduces a nationally consistent framework to improve competence across all job roles from junior to mid-range and senior positions in the building standards profession.  The CAS enables every building standards member of staff to assess their skills and identify their skills gaps and training needs.

Careers in building standards 

Information on the building standards profession can be found here:

Guidance leaflet - 2 page

Guidance leaflet - 1 page

Building standards ambassadors

Promotion of the building standards profession can be done most effectively by the people in those job roles who can speak from their lived experience.  On that basis, an Ambassadors Network has been established with people working in the profession from across Scotland.  Ambassadors are taking part in outreach activities with schools, colleges and universities.  Further volunteers are welcome to join the network and participate in activities that will raise awareness of what the building standards profession does. 


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