Building standards - workforce data collection: analysis report 2023

Provides a national-level view of the challenges facing the building standards profession in relation to resourcing, development of competencies and levels of turnover.

1.0 Introduction

1.1. The annual workforce data collection exercise was first introduced in July 2019, and is carried out on 31 July each year. It provides a nationally consistent approach to measure and track changes in the building standards verification workforce in Scotland.

1.2. It provides a national picture for the building standards verification service about the changes and challenges faced including:

  • the level of supply and demand
  • resourcing
  • the competency of the building standards profession; and
  • identifies where change is needed for resilience.

1.3. Annual monitoring is required to measure changes to the verification workforce. This includes evidence of how the workforce strategy has supported changes to the workforce and development of the profession.

1.4. The workforce strategy was delivered over three years, with a closure report being published in December 2023 – Building standards verification service – workforce strategy: closure report – ( The 2023 analysis report identifies the benefits the actions of the workforce strategy have had on the building standards workforce.

1.5. The 2023 data has been baselined against the 2021 and 2022 data to provide a three-year trend analysis. The analysis and the findings are given in this report.



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