Monitoring performance

We monitor the performance of the organisations responsible for administering the building standards system.

Local authority building standards verifiers

Local authority verifiers:

  • implement the regulations set out by the Building (Scotland) Act 2003 when building work or a conversion takes place, and
  • grant building warrants when they are satisfied the work meets requirements.

Local authorities administer the building standards system and are responsible for granting permission for:

  • work to be done (building warrant) and
  • for a completed building to be occupied (completion certificate).

We publish guidance explaining why these are necessary, and the process involved in obtaining them.

Scottish Ministers have reappointed all 32 local authorities as building standards verifiers from May 2017.

We monitor their activities regularly using the verification performance framework. The framework is based around three topics:

  • professional expertise and technical processes
  • quality customer experience
  • operational and financial efficiency

During the period of appointment, we expect all local council verifiers to meet the local authority verifiers' operating framework and use the performance framework to continually improve their services.

Contact your local authority building standards department.

We published revised guidance on verification during construction for non-domestic and domestic buildings

Recent letters to local authority verifiers are listed below. Other letters to local authority verifiers can be found in our website archive.


COVID-19 Specific Information
Legislation   Date issued Date in force
Certification Schemes under Section 7(2) of The Building (Scotland) Act 2003  Special measures to enable the acceptance of unsigned certificates of design  as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak  31 March 2020 31 March 2020
Building (Scotland) Act 2003
The Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004
Regulation 3, Schedule 1: Special measures to enable the erection of temporary care assistance buildings as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak 23 March 2020 23 March 2020
The Building (Scotland) Act 2003 Special measures to enable the occupation of new buildings as a result of the COVID19 outbreak – guidance on building standards compliance and enforcement  20 March 2020 20 March 2020


General Letters



Date issued Date in force
Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004 Guidance on Standard 3.14 - Carbon Dioxide Monitors Meeting Guidance 11 January 2018  

Building (Scotland) Act 2003

 Functions of Ministers, local authorities, verifiers and certifier    
  Sections 4(2) and 4(4): notice relating to guidance documents 12 July 2019 1 October 2019
  Part 5 - General, Fire Door Testing: Guidance on existing fire doors N/A N/A
  Part 5 - General, Fire Door Testing: Update on the sample testing of fire doors 18 September 2018 N/A
  Part 5 - General, Fire Door Testing: Information on the sample testing of fire doors 6 August 2018 N/A
  Section 34 - Reports and information    
   Notification of Application for Building Warrant - Section 2 Fire 27 Aug 2018
(this letter supercedes
original letter of
22 May 2017)
22 May 2017

Auditing building certifiers

We have been appointed by ministers to audit the certification schemes and providers. We use Part VII of the Building (Procedures) (Scotland) Regulations 2004 and the certification handbook to make sure scheme providers meet the required standards of service. We publish building certifiers audit reports after every investigation.

Auditing Energy Performance Certified organisations

Approved providers of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are subject to our auditing process and must abide by our EPC-approved organisations' operational framework. We carry out these investigations at least once every three years. Organisations have to share information about the scheme and its aims with the public.