Building approval

The building standards system sets out various roles and responsibilities.  

We set the standards and requirements which verifiers, approved building professionals (approved bodies and approved certifiers), local authorities and building owners must adhere to. We also produce guidance to explain the building standards system.

Procedures for building standards

The Building (Procedure) (Scotland) Regulations 2004 set out the processes for submitting and dealing with building warrant applications.  We also published a revised version (third edition) of the Building Standards Procedural Handbook, which explains how the processes work and apply.

Our Customer Journey explains the building standards system to anyone making home improvements or starting building work.

When submitting a building warrant application there is helpful guidance on what you need to know to make a good quality application.

Certifying building work

We have produced a Certification Handbook to explain how the process works. We also maintain the only authoritative list of registered approved building professional (approved bodies and approved certifiers).

The use of certification is optional. Certification covers design or construction and only applies where the work requires a building warrant.  There are a number of works covered by certification, these are listed on the Scottish Government Certification Register.  The benefit of using an approved certifier of design and/or construction is that the building work will be certified by qualified building professionals as complying with regulations.

There is also guidance given in the  Procedural Guidance on Certification that provides useful information on what to consider when making a building warrant application, including the information that should be submitted with an application.

We are currently undertaking a review of certification  and  will update this website in due course.  Should you have any queries, in the meantime, please contact

Making an electronic application - eDevelopment and eBuilding Standards

We have provided model forms that may be adapted by the verifier to suit their individual circumstances and requirements. These forms may also be used by applicants or their duly authorised agents.

We provide the portal for online submission of applications for building warrants, completion certificates and other related forms to local authorities.  You can create an account on the e-Development website, and once registered you can make an on-line application

If you need help completing a form please contact your local authority building standards department. You will also find form help guides on the eBuilding Standards homepage.