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Energy Publications

07/03/16 Scottish Islands Renewables - Economic Benefits
14/09/15 Scottish Government Community Energy Policy Statement Final Version - September 2015
07/04/14 UK energy policy and Scotland’s contribution to security of supply April 2014
31/05/13 District Heating Action Plan
31/01/13 Scottish Government's response to Economy Energy and Tourism Committee report on Scotland’s renewable energy targets and policy


A study into the recovery of heat from power generation in Scotland
25/8/11 Calculating Potential Carbon Losses & Savings from Wind Farms on Scottish Peatlands - Technical Note
30/6/11 2020 Routemap for Renewable Energy in Scotland
17/5/11 Carbon Capture and Storage Roadmap Update
18/3/11 Renewable Heat in Scotland 2011
15/2/11 Carbon Capture and Storage Regulatory Test Toolkit
17/11/10 Draft Electricity Generation Policy Statement 2010: Scotland - A Low Carbon Society
15/11/10 A Low Carbon Economic Strategy for Scotland: Scotland - A Low Carbon Society
6/10/10 Conserve and Save: Energy Efficiency Action Plan for Scotland
28/9/10 Community And Renewable Energy Loan Study
24/8/10 Low Carbon Economy Discussion Paper: Consultation Responses
30/7/10 Preparing Scotland: Scottish Guidance on Preparing for Emergencies: Guidance for Fuel Disruption in Scotland - Summary - Guidance for Strategic Co-ordinating Groups and emergency responders in preparing for fuel disruption in Scotland.
14/7/10 The Saltire Prize Programme: Further Scottish Leasing Round (Saltire Prize projects) Scoping Study: Marine Scotland - Science - Further Scottish Leasing Round - Scoping Study.
13/7/10 Saltire Prize Competition Guidelines - Saltire Prize Competition Guidelines
16/4/10 An Analysis of the Consultation Responses to the Energy Efficiency Action Plan - Analysis of responses to Conserve and Save: a consultation on the Energy Efficiency Action Plan for Scotland.
23/3/10 Further Scottish Leasing Round (Saltire Prize Projects) Discussion Paper on Proposed Geographic Areas - Further Scottish Leasing Round (Saltire Prize Projects) Discussion Paper on Proposed Geographic Areas.
23/3/10 Saltire Prize Application Registration
16/3/10 Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Act 2005: Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of the Renewables Action Plan (RAP): Post Adoption Statement - Post Adoption Statement for the RAP SEA.
18/3/10 Carbon Capture and Storage - A Roadmap for Scotland - Document on how Scotland can be at the forefront of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology.
1/2/10 Renewables Action Plan: Update
21/1/10 The Employment Potential of Scotland's Hydro Resource - A study into the jobs potential from hydro, following on from a previous study for Forum for Renewable Energy Development in Scotland (FREDS).
16/12/09 Permitted Development Rights: Domestic Wind Turbines and Air Source Heat Pumps - This report considers the feasibility of extending Permitted Development Rights to domestic wind turbine and air source heat pump microgeneration technologies.
15/12/09 Joint Evaluation of the Scottish Biomass Support Scheme and the Renewable Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Support Scheme - The purpose of this evaluation was to assess the strategic outcomes and impacts of the Scottish Biomass Support Scheme (SBSS) and the Renewable Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Support Scheme (RHFCSS). Both of these grant schemes were initiated by the Scottish Government in 2006 with financial expenditure required by end of March 2008.
10/12/09 Scotland's Generation Advantage - This report examines the scope, benefits and attractiveness of the various low carbon generation technologies available to Scotland, seeking to identify which sources are likely to benefit from a comparative advantage in the country and therefore highlight those technologies that will be vital to the achievement of energy policy imperatives.
25/11/09 Energy - Taking forward our National Conversation

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