We recognise the significant contribution that nuclear generation makes to the current energy mix in Scotland; however, we expect its contribution will decrease as we increase electricity generation from renewable and other low carbon sources. 

The Scottish Energy Strategy, published in December 2017, confirmed our continued opposition to new nuclear stations, under current technologies.


We are:


Scotland has a long history of nuclear research and electricity generation. Nuclear energy accounted for 42.8% of electricity generated in Scotland in 2016.

Scotland has two EDF-owned nuclear stations currently generating electricity: Hunterston B and Torness; and three Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA)-owned civil nuclear sites at advanced stages of decommissioning: Dounreay, Chapelcross and Hunterston A.

New technologies

We are aware of increasing interest in the development of new nuclear technologies such as Small Modular Reactors. We have a duty to assess this and all other new technologies based on safety, value for consumers, and contribution to Scotland’s low-carbon economy and energy future.

Nuclear Sector Deal

We are currently discussing the Nuclear Sector Deal with the UK Government – including the UK’s proposals for decommissioning, and the opportunities it could hold for Scottish businesses.

Bills and legislation

View a list of radioactive waste legislation.

Other nuclear legislation is reserved to the UK Government.


Radioactive waste enquiries:

Nuclear energy policy enquiries:

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