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Nuclear stakeholder engagement

We participate in regular local and national-level industry and government networks and commit to the active engagement of stakeholders with interests in nuclear legacy issues in Scotland.

Meetings at nuclear sites

We run Scottish nuclear sites meetings, which are attended by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management (CoRWM), Scottish Councils Committee on Radioactive Substances (SCCORS), site licence companies, EDF Energy, NDA site stakeholder groups and the regulators.

We also participate in NDA-sponsored site stakeholder groups at existing sites, which enable discussion between the community, the nuclear site operator, and the NDA.

Ensuring effective dialogue

We work closely with stakeholders, the NDA, and other waste producers and owners to ensure there is effective dialogue to strengthen stakeholder confidence, and to inform policy development.

We work with the NDA to review stakeholder engagement processes and methodologies, to help increase public participation as the nuclear strategy evolves and during the next policy review.

We expect the NDA, in consultation with SCCORS and COSLA, to review the local government participation process in Scotland to ensure that the views on nuclear legacy in Scotland from member local authorities and community councils are properly considered.

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