We made energy efficiency a national infrastructure priority in 2015, in recognition of the many benefits of improving the energy performance of Scotland's buildings.

Through our Energy Efficient Scotland programme, we are taking direct and supporting actions to improve the use and management of energy in Scotland's buildings, transportation, industrial processes and manufacturing. The Energy Efficient Scotland route map sets out the journey we will take to achieve this.


We are:


Our vision is that by 2040, our homes and buildings are warmer, greener and more efficient.

It’s important that the buildings we live and work in can be kept cool enough in summer and warm enough in winter. But many of the energy sources used to power Scotland’s homes and businesses are a limited resource. And for lots of people, keeping their home warm enough costs more than they can afford.

We believe that everyone should be able to afford to keep their home warm in winter and their workplace warm enough and properly ventilated. So we’ve committed to working with home owners, business owners and the public sector to improve the energy efficiency of all of our buildings.

By using more efficient, lower-carbon sources of heating and making sure that all buildings are properly insulated, the energy used to heat or cool our premises stays inside. This means more comfortable buildings and less energy wasted for everyone.

We are particularly keen to ensure that the people who need their heating most aren’t worried about turning it on because they can’t afford their bills. Find more information in our home energy and fuel poverty policy.

Saving money will help us all: businesses, who’ll be more competitive as they’re spending less of their income on energy; the public sector, which will be able to free up more money for frontline services; and innovators, who’ll help to discover new ways to use natural resources like wind, solar and water power. Ultimately, it will mean our buildings are as energy efficient as possible, transforming our country and our economy.


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