Public sector decarbonisation

Decarbonising public sector estates

In October 2021, we published our Heat in buildings strategy, committing to invest £1.8 billion for energy efficiency and zero carbon heating in Scotland’s buildings.

We are making £200 million available over the next five years to support the decarbonisation and increased energy efficiency of existing public sector buildings across the country.

It is vital that we work to reduce emissions from the 23,000 public sector buildings in Scotland in order to help bring an end to the country's contribution to climate change. We will develop and agree through consultation a series of phased targets, starting in 2024, with the most difficult buildings like hospitals being decarbonised by 2038, and for all publicly-owned buildings to meet zero emission heating requirements, with a backstop of 2038.

The support we offer will aid public bodies in fulfilling their duties under the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009, whereby public bodies must ensure the delivery of their functions is undertaken in the best calculated way to contribute towards meeting Scotland’s climate change targets.

Scottish Green Public Sector Estate Decarbonisation scheme

The Heat in buildings strategy outlined a requirement to establish a new Scottish Green Public Sector Estate Decarbonisation scheme that will act as the main government-led capital funding mechanism to support leadership for decarbonisation of buildings owned by the public sector.

The scheme comprises four support elements for public sector bodies:

1. The Scottish Public Sector Energy Efficiency Loan Scheme

2. The Scottish Public Sector Non-Domestic Energy Efficiency (NDEE) Frameworks and Project Support Unit (PSU):

3. The Scottish Central Government Energy Efficiency Grant scheme

4. Scotland’s Public Sector Heat Decarbonisation Fund


Any enquiries relating to our work supporting energy efficiency and decarbonisation across Scotland’s public sector can be sent to:

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