Energy infrastructure


We oversee the building and maintenance of energy infrastructure in Scotland and ensure it is sufficient for meeting the needs of citizens and businesses. As part of this we process applications for consent from developers wishing to build and operate electricity generating stations or install overhead power lines. 


We are managing energy infrastructure in Scotland by:

  • working with partners to improve the electricity grid
  • determining whether to grant or refuse applications for consent to build and operate electricity generating stations or install overhead power lines
  • supporting the ambition of a public energy company offering retail energy supply by the end of this current Parliament (March 2021)


Scotland has significant energy infrastructure that makes a large contribution to the UK’s overall energy consumption. 

The majority of the UK’s oil production and around half of its gas production comes from fields based in the continental shelf around Scotland.

In addition, Scotland has an estimated 60 gigawatts of renewable energy resources: equivalent to three quarters of the UK’s installed electricity-generating capacity.

Bills and legislation

Electricity infrastructure

The Electricity Act 1989 gives powers to Scottish Ministers for the determination of applications for electricity infrastructure.

Such electricity infrastructure applications and decisions are published and searchable on our Energy Consents website.

The following regulations apply to applications made under section 36, section 36C and section 37 and should be noted by developers:

When granting consent under section 36, 36C or section 37 of the Electricity Act 1989, Scottish Ministers may, under section 57 of the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997, direct that planning permission is deemed to be granted.

In relation to land and access rights for electricity infrastructure, ministers also process applications for necessary wayleaves and compulsory purchase orders.

Gas pipelines

The following regulations apply to applications for pipelines, and related requests for compulsory purchase orders and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) screening and scoping opinions:



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