Energy infrastructure

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Electricity grid

Our aim is to ensure that electricity (and gas) networks place Scotland’s consumers, economy and society at the heart of our energy systems, supporting:

  • an inclusive transition to a decarbonised energy system
  • a whole system approach across heat, transport and electricity
  • smarter, local energy models

As we continue to decarbonise Scotland’s economy, the way in which we generate and use electricity is changing. Large centralised thermal power plants are giving way to smaller scale, more highly distributed sources of generation, largely from renewable sources. At the same time, the emergence of electric vehicles and the need to decarbonise heat in the longer term, are beginning to change demand patterns.  

We want to ensure that electricity network companies in Scotland can respond to this energy transition and help decarbonise the economy without compromising on their ability to provide a secure, resilient supply of electricity.  

Energy policy is largely reserved to UK Government, and National Grid operates the electricity system throughout Great Britain. We work closely with counterparts in UK Government, National Grid, the network companies in Scotland and the energy regulator, Ofgem, to identify opportunities to influence GB-wide system changes to promote outcomes that are consistent with our energy strategy and networks vision.

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