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Ecological Footprints

An ecological footprint is an estimate of the land and sea area needed to provide all the energy, water, transport, food and materials that we consume.

In 2001, the average Scot had an ecological footprint 2.4 times the global average. If everyone on Earth lived the same way, it is estimated that three planets would be needed to sustain us.

Top 10 tips to reduce your footprint:

  • Recycle as much as possible
  • Turn electrical items such as TVs and computers off when not in use, including taking them off standby
  • Turn down your central heating and water heating setting - even just one or two degrees will make a difference
  • Insulate your loft, walls and hot water tank
  • Use energy efficient light bulbs
  • Travel by bus or by train instead of by car and for short journeys either walk or cycle
  • Try to reduce the number of flights you take by using other forms of transport such as train or ferry
  • Replace old fridges/freezers/boilers with new energy efficient ones
  • Buy local fruits and vegetables and foods which are in season at the time
  • Fill your dishwasher and washing machine with a full load and hang washing out to dry rather than tumble drying it