Children's hearings training resource manual: volume 1

Volume 1 contains the Children's Hearings (Scotland) Act 2011 and new rules regarding legislation and procedures.

4 General Purpose of a Children's Hearing

The fundamental purpose of a children's hearing is to make decisions in relation to a child which are in the child's best interests. Children's hearings have been given extensive powers to make these decisions about children who may be in need of compulsory supervision order. They may make a compulsory supervision order if they are satisfied that it is necessary to do so for the protection, guidance, treatment or control of the child. If a children's hearing is not satisfied that it is necessary to make a compulsory supervision order ( CSO) they must discharge the referral. (s 91(3))

In exercise of their duties, it should be noted that children's hearings are an entirely independent legal tribunal and neither the National Convener nor the Principal Reporter is empowered to influence the decision making process of any children's hearing. (s 9)


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