The Scottish Soil Framework

This framework is aimed at government policy leads, delivery partners, environmental and business NGOs, research organisations and other key stakeholders with an interest.


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Photo & Illustration Sources

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Top from left to right

  • Humus Iron Podzol @ MLURI
  • @Noel Fojut/ HS
  • @ Noel Fojut/ HS
  • Scottish Borders @P&A MacDonald/ SNH
  • Dundee Law @P&A MacDonald/ SNH


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Page 5

  • Humus Iron Podzol @ MLURI

Page 11

  • Machair, Barvas, Isle of Lewis @ Lorne Gill/ SNH

Page 15

  • Dundee Law @ P&A Macdonald/ SNH

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  • Arable farming at Carghill Pertshire @Lorne Gill/ SNH
  • The Flow country @Steve Moore/ SNH

Page 18

  • Argyll sunset @George Logan/ SNH
  • Flanders Moss NNR @Patricia Bruneau/ SNH
  • Whithorn @ RCAHMS per Noel Fojut/ HS
  • Opencast coal mining Muirkirk @P&A MacDonald/ SNH

Page 21

  • Machair, Barvas, Isle of Lewis @ Lorne Gill/ SNH

Page 25

  • A9 Land slide @ BBC

Page 30

  • Upland blanket bog in the Grampian mountains @ Lorne Gill/ SNH

Page 37

  • Wetland and arable fields in the Scottish Borders @ P&A Macdonald/ SNH

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  • Brown earth soil @ Macaulay Institute



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