Scottish Sea Fisheries Statistics 2017

A National Statistics publication presenting data on the Scottish and UK fishing fleet, landings and employment.

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1. Introduction

Scottish Sea Fisheries Statistics is a National Statistics publication produced by the Marine Analytical Unit (MAU) in Marine Scotland to provide detailed information on the Scottish fishing industry. The statistics presented in this publication include the tonnage and value of all landings of sea fish and shellfish by Scottish vessels, all landings into Scotland, rest of UK and abroad; and the size and structure of the Scottish fishing fleet and employment on Scottish vessels. Data on landings by other UK vessels and landings into the UK is also provided.

All landings tonnages are given in terms of live weight equivalent, overall financial values are provided nominal (not adjusted for inflation) and year on year percentage changes in financial values are calculated at 2017 prices (to adjust for inflation). All tables presented here and in previous publications are available for download from the Scottish Sea Fisheries Statistics website.


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