Scottish Crop Map 2019

The ‘Scottish Crop Map’ shows all the agricultural fields in Scotland categorised into the likely main crop types which were grown in 2019.

Data sources

A number of data sources are collected or are developed from primary sources of data to input into the crop map model. All of them have a spatial element to them, that is the data collected is known or tagged for a geographic point. All data collected and developed is available either freely to the public or, as is the case with Field Boundaries data, is available under license and on request.

Some summary information on the data used is included in Table 1 below.

Table 1: Data sources used in the Scottish Crop Map model.
Data Purpose Format Time-frame Primary source Secondary source
Satellite To produce zonal statistics from radar backscatter used in the machine learning model tif Mar-Oct 2019 JNCC Ceda Archive
Ground Truth Used to train and test the machine learning model shp 2019 Rural Payments and Inspections Division (RPID) N/A
Land parcels (field boundaries) To assign areas within radar images to field areasto produce zonal statistics for individual fields. shp 2019 Ordnance Survey N/A
Spatial Data Masks Exclusion of land parcels which intersect with the National Forest Inventory. shp 2018 National Forest Inventory N/A

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