Scottish Crop Map 2019

The ‘Scottish Crop Map’ shows all the agricultural fields in Scotland categorised into the likely main crop types which were grown in 2019.

Quick Guide

The Scottish Crop Map comes in 3 parts including this publication, as well as an interactive map with summary statistics, and the published open source code and associated data.


The Publication is this document and contains a summary of:

  • the data sources used to build the map;
  • information about how the crop map has been built;
  • statistics and resulting analysis from the map;
  • an assessment of the quality of the map;
  • information on the data in the map and license conditions of its re-use; and
  • future steps for the project.

Interactive Map and Statistics

The interactive map can be found by clicking the link below:

The interactive map contains:

  • field boundary layer categorised for the main crop types
  • underlay map of Scotland
  • contact information to provide the development team with corrections
  • probability statistics for each field
  • regional statistics of crop production
  • comparison statistics with the 2019 Cereal Harvest – Official Statistics

Open Source Code

The open source 'Scottish-Crop-Map-2019-Publication' code repository is accessed via GitHub, providing code used to develop the statistics including:

  • code for generating zonal statistics
  • code for creating the random forest model
  • Supporting documentation to support general re-use of the codes

There are also repositories for code used to develop previous iterations of the crop map however these repositories and supporting documentation have not been quality checked and are for general reference.

For further support on using any of these products email



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