Scotland Performs Update

Scottish Government performance scorecards and narratives as at 15 December 2016.


by the Cabinet Secretary for Finance and the Constitution

I am pleased to provide Parliamentary colleagues with performance information to assist in the scrutiny of the Draft Budget.

The Performance Scorecards, which were included in the material I sent to Bruce Crawford, Convenor of the Finance Committee, on October, are included below. The information in the scorecards is drawn from the Scotland Performs website As this is updated as soon as the data are available, changes have been made to the scorecards to reflect the new data available for the following Purpose Targets and National Indicators:

  • Economic Growth
  • Participation: To maintain our position on labour market participation as the top performing country in the UK
  • Population: Supported by healthy life expectancy in Scotland over the period from 2007-2017
  • Increase the number of businesses
  • Reduce the proportion of employees earning less than the Living Wage
  • Reduce the pay gap
  • Improve levels of educational attainment
  • Increase the proportion of graduates in positive destinations
  • Improve children's dental health
  • Increase the proportion of babies with a healthy birth weight
  • Reduce alcohol related hospital admissions
  • Increase the abundance of terrestrial breeding birds: biodiversity

Also included are the performance narratives. These are continuing to evolve in response to feedback from the Parliament. This year, there is an example for each of the National Outcomes of the contribution that our public bodies are making to their delivery. All of our public bodies play an important role in delivering the National Outcomes alongside Scottish Government policies and interventions, therefore the examples provided are a representative sample only.

I look forward to continuing collaboration with Parliamentary colleagues on the development of the performance information provided to support the Draft Budget consultation period.

Derek Mackay MSP

Cabinet Secretary for Finance and the Constitution

December 2016


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