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Reconviction rates in Scotland: 2014-2015 offender cohort

Published: 2 May 2017
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Analysis of trends in reconviction statistics up to the latest cohort of 2014 to 2015.

Reconviction rates in Scotland: 2014-2015 offender cohort


The statistics presented in this bulletin are derived from the data used in the Criminal Proceedings in Scotland statistical bulletin. The Criminal Proceedings data is in turn derived from information held on the Criminal History System ( CHS) which is maintained by Police Scotland.

Changes made to this year's report

The changes made to this year's report are as follows:

  • A methodological change was implemented for this year's publication to the measure of the Early and Effective Interventions ( EEIs), in line with the Criminal Proceedings bulletin. These statistics are described in Section 2.
  • Further age categories were added to table 15 to bring it in line with the other tables.
  • Two extra charts, chart 3 and 4, were added to add visual details to the gender section.
  • Community Justice Authorities were removed from table 11, leaving simply local authority groups. This is in line with the abolishment of Community Justice Authorities.
  • Annex D was shortened, in recognition of the fact that the transition from legacy community order to Community Payback Orders has now completed.


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