Pesticide usage in Scotland: Outdoor Vegetable Crops 2021

This publication presents information from a survey of pesticide use on outdoor vegetable crops in Scotland during 2021.

Table 30 Response rate

2021 % total
Target sample vegetables 60 100
Target sample vining peas 30 100
Total achieved vegetables 51 85
Total achieved vining peas 22 73
Total number of refusals/non-contact 47
Total number of farms approached 120  

Financial burden to farmers

In order to minimise the burden on farmers, the survey team used non-visit methods of collection such as email, post or telephone call.

To determine the total burden that the 2021 outdoor vegetable crop survey placed on those providing the information, the surveyors recorded the time that 73 respondents spent providing the data during the surveys. This sample represents 83 per cent of growers surveyed. The median time taken to provide the information was 15 minutes.

The following formula was used to estimate the total cost of participating:

Burden (£) = No. surveyed x median time taken (hours) x typical hourly rate*

(* using median "Full Time Gross" hourly pay for Scotland of £16.07)(13)

The total financial burden to all growers resulting from participation in the 2021 outdoor vegetable crop survey was calculated to be £293.



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