People arriving from Ukraine - risk and need: public protection guidance

Guidance for all practitioners involved in safeguarding of children and adults who are arriving in Scotland from Ukraine to identify and respond to risk and need.

Welcome Hubs

A Welcome Hub in Edinburgh provides a welcome, advice and initial triage of requirements. This includes physical and mental health, future housing needs, communication with family members and relevant identification and assessment of need.

Guests are then provided with temporary welcome accommodation anywhere in Scotland, prior to matching and travel to longer term accommodation that will be made available through the matching service.   

There are also ‘Welcome Desks’ at other points of entry, such as train stations, which will direct people arriving from Ukraine to the established local authority welcome contact where accommodation and support is provided.

It is essential that as part of any welcome arrangement, people arriving from Ukraine are provided with information on:

  • what checks have been carried out on their host
  • how to keep themselves and their families safe
  • what their rights and entitlements are here in Scotland
  • what to do if their living arrangement breaks down
  • where to go for support and advice



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