Scotland is welcoming displaced people from Ukraine. We are providing financial aid and have provided medical supplies to Ukraine.

How you can help

Offer accommodation

Ukraine: guidance for hosts explains the responsibilities and process of becoming a host.

Through Homes for Ukraine you can offer a spare room in your home. You can register to accommodate people from Ukraine on the Homes for Ukraine website. Your information will be shared with us and we will contact you to explain how matching works under Scotland’s super sponsor scheme

If you are already in contact with someone from Ukraine and have agreed to host them, they can apply for a visa through the UK Government’s Ukraine Sponsors Scheme, naming you as their sponsor

If you have family in Ukraine, they can come to Scotland on the Ukraine Family Scheme visa

If you are a host, or want more information on support for displaced people from Ukraine, please sign up to our newsletter for regular updates.

Make a donation

You can donate to:

Find out about other ways to lend your support - for example by donating essential supplies or volunteering - at the Ready Scotland website

Information for people from Ukraine

We have tried to make the process as easy as possible for people from Ukraine to come to Scotland.

This includes visa schemes, healthcare, trauma support, housing, employment and education for displaced people who choose to come to Scotland.

Read more information about getting to Scotland including travel, visa schemes (the Scottish Government will sponsor you) and refugee services.

Information for organisations


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