People arriving from Ukraine - risk and need: public protection guidance

Guidance for all practitioners involved in safeguarding of children and adults who are arriving in Scotland from Ukraine to identify and respond to risk and need.

Arrival pathways for people travelling from UkraineUkraine Family Visa Scheme

The majority of early arrivals have arrived in the UK via the Ukraine Family Visa Scheme. This scheme allows Ukrainian nationals or other nationals resident in Ukraine before 1 January 2022 to come to the UK to reside with immediate or extended family members. There are no safeguarding checks pre-arrival and this arrangement is made purely between the family members. Families arriving on this route do not have access to an initial payment of £200; however, they do have recourse to public funds and can access services.

Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme

The UK Government introduced a new visa scheme, called the Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme (sometimes referred to as ‘Homes for Ukraine or Individual Matching’) on 18 March 2022. 

The Scottish Government took the decision to also act as ‘Super Sponsor in its own right, so that applicants could select the Scottish Government as their sponsor, receive a visa and travel immediately without the need for individual sponsorship arrangements to be found first.  The option to be sponsored by the Scottish Government was available from 18 March 2022, but it should be noted that this visa route was paused on 13 July 2022.

Ukrainians may still apply to the UK Government for a visa sponsored individually by an eligible UK-based sponsor, including sponsors within Scotland.

Other arrival pathways from Ukraine

Adults and children fleeing the conflict in Ukraine may arrive in Scotland independently of the Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme, for instance  with no visa or on a holiday visa. The Home Office is dealing with these individuals on a case-by-case basis and as such, those uncertain of their immigration status or right to public funds should be advised to secure legal advice.

The Scottish Government has  funded Ukraine Advice Scotland to provide free, independent advice for those fleeing the Ukraine conflict and individuals can refer direct.



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