People arriving from Ukraine - risk and need: public protection guidance

Guidance for all practitioners involved in safeguarding of children and adults who are arriving in Scotland from Ukraine to identify and respond to risk and need.

Disclosure Scotland

When a local authority receives notification that a host and guest have been/are to be matched, through either the Homes for Ukraine scheme or the Scottish Super Sponsorship scheme. An enhanced disclosure application form should be fully completed for each adult over the age of 16 years in the household and sent to Disclosure Scotland via a counter signatory within the local authority.

When Disclosure Scotland has completed its checks, it will issue an enhanced disclosure certificate to both the counter signatory within the local authority and the individual host or adult within the host accommodation.

The local authority may have regard to any information disclosed on this certificate when considering the suitability of a host (or adult within the host household) to provide accommodation as part of the Homes for Ukraine scheme or Scottish Super Sponsor scheme.

An enhanced disclosure includes:

An enhanced disclosure certificate will not provide any interpretation of the information checked, nor will it provide any assessed decision of an individual’s suitability to host a refugee in their home. Should the decision be taken that the host and/or property are not suitable. The local authority will inform the host of this decision by letter, reflecting that checks undertaken have been in keeping with the Homes for Ukraine Sponsor Guidance.

Where an arrival on the Homes for Ukraine Scheme comes to the attention of a hub or host authority. In advance of their move into hosted accommodation, and in the absence of a satisfactorily completed property check or Enhanced Disclosure. The hub or host authority does not have the authority to stop arrivals from Ukraine from moving in with their host family, if those arriving wish to proceed. 

The arrival(s) from Ukraine should, however, be provided with information relating to any risks identified to help them in their decision. As part of this conversation, the local authority may wish to offer accommodation. This would be the local authority’s decision to make.

If child or adult protection risks have been identified, the local authority may prevent or delay a move until such time as child protection and/or adult protection procedures have been followed, including risk assessment. In cases of child/adult protection, where there is no alternative accommodation available to the local authority. Accommodation can be sought via the Welcome Hub arrangements whilst risk assessments are undertaken and longer term accommodation found, though this will be subject to availability.

Further information about the security and disclosure checks made in relation to sponsors (hosts) under the Homes for Ukraine scheme can be found here Homes for Ukraine: sponsor guidance.

Further information about how disclosure checks will be sought and processed by local authorities in relation to sponsors (hosts) is in the Super Sponsor Scheme and Homes for Ukraine: guidance for local authorities.



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