People arriving from Ukraine - risk and need: public protection guidance

Guidance for all practitioners involved in safeguarding of children and adults who are arriving in Scotland from Ukraine to identify and respond to risk and need.


This guidance is for all practitioners involved in the identification and safeguarding of vulnerable children and adults who are displaced persons fleeing the war in Ukraine to Scotland. 

The guidance sets out the current safeguarding challenges presented by the arrival of vulnerable children and adults from Ukraine into Scotland and outlines the approach to:

  • identifying
  • supporting and maximising safety
  • the principles that should be applied and the legal frameworks underpinning practice

The guidance does not replace national or local safeguarding, child or adult protection guidance or established structures, including the interface with local authorities and Police Scotland.

It highlights those particular vulnerabilities likely to be amplified by the crisis in Ukraine, impacting on all services working with vulnerable children and adults at risk of harm.

Existent pathways for referrals and interventions when children or adults are identified as at risk of harm remain relevant, regardless of the nationality or origin of the individual at risk.

This guide should be read in conjunction with the Super Sponsor Scheme and Individual Matching: guidance for local authorities. This has more detailed information in relation to entitlements, roles of local authorities, Welcome Hubs and access to services.

This supplementary guidance will remain under review. We will provide updated guidance if necessary, as the current situation develops.



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