Scotland for Ukrainians: a guide for displaced people

This guide includes information on visas, travel, accommodation and life in Scotland.

Arrival in Scotland

Arriving at a transport hub (such as a train or bus station, ferry port or airport)


When you arrive in Edinburgh, please visit The City of Edinburgh Council website for information on what support you can receive when arriving at Edinburgh airport, Edinburgh train stations or the Edinburgh bus station


When you arrive in Glasgow, please visit the Glasgow City Council’s website for information on what support you can receive when arriving at Glasgow train station, bus station or when you arrive by car.

When you arrive at Glasgow Airport, there will be information in the arrival halls for domestic and international arrivals. They will provide information on the Renfrewshire Welcome Hub. Additionally, you can visit the Renfrewshire Council website for more information.

Other entry points (including travelling from Northern Ireland)

Transport hubs in Scotland, including ferry ports will have established processes for engaging local councils. Please present yourself to a member of staff at this entry point.

Welcome Hubs

Welcome Hubs have been set up to help you get all the information and support that you need when you first arrive in Scotland.

At Welcome Hubs you will be given a warm welcome to Scotland and immediate support in a safe and secure space. You will receive something to eat, drink and other essential supplies you might need. 

Staff members in the Welcome Hub will talk to you about your immediate needs, such as healthcare, language support, clothes, food, temporary accommodation and trauma support. 

You will be given a welcome pack. This will tell you:  

  • what help and support you will be able to get with finding jobs and accessing money   
  • how to access education for children (education is free in Scotland)
  • healthcare (most NHS services are free in Scotland)

You will also be given a pack with advice on how trauma can affect you and where to find support for you and your family. These packs will also be given to every volunteer host by the council.

Welcome Hubs are located in: Edinburgh, Renfrewshire and Dumfries and Galloway.


Please check the Council of Edinburgh website for information on the Welcome Hub’s location, opening hours and more. Additionally, if you arrive at Edinburgh Airport, you will find information banners in the arrivals hall.

Renfrewshire (operating from Holiday Inn at Glasgow Airport)

The Welcome Hub for Renfrewshire operates from the Holiday Inn Hotel at Glasgow Airport. If you arrive at Glasgow Airport, information will be provided in the arrivals hall. Additionally, you can visit the Renfrewshire Council website for more information.

Dumfries and Galloway

The Welcome Hub associated with Cairnryan port is operated by Dumfries and Galloway Council. When you arrive at Cairnryan port, there will be signposting to further information. Additionally, you can find more information on the Dumfries & Galloway Council website.

£200 payment

You are entitled to a payment of up to £200. This is provided via local councils to help you with initial costs.

This payment may be split between different councils depending where you enter the country and where you settle first. To access this payment, talk to staff in your temporary welcome accommodation or your local council. You will receive this amount once. The payment method will vary depending on the local council you are in. You cannot claim this payment from each council you may be staying in. You also cannot claim this payment again after leaving the country and returning.

Temporary welcome accommodation

If you need support to find accommodation when you arrive, please present at a Welcome Hub where you will be allocated a place in temporary welcome accommodation.

It is important you understand with temporary welcome accommodation that:

  • there is almost no temporary welcome accommodation available in Edinburgh, Glasgow and surrounding areas (known as the ‘central belt’ of Scotland)
  • the temporary welcome accommodation you may be allocated could be anywhere in Scotland and will almost certainly be located in less urban areas across Scotland
  • the type of accommodation available varies and is subject to availability
  • you might need to change location during your stay, depending on the availability of the temporary welcome accommodation you have been allocated. If you need to move, we will let you know in advance and transport will be arranged

When you arrive, you will receive information on the code of conduct in temporary welcome accommodation. The code of conduct tells you what you can expect from councils, the Scottish government and partners during your stay in temporary welcome accommodation. It also tells you what is expected from you and all other guests who stay in temporary welcome accommodation. This includes information on what you have to do when you will be absent from your room for five days or more.

While you are in temporary welcome accommodation, you will be supported to make an informed choice about your next accommodation. This could include being matched with a volunteer host or another option that suits your circumstances. 

Understanding your needs

Local council or government representatives will meet with you in your temporary welcome accommodation to talk to you about your needs. This is to help you to secure longer-term accommodation which best matches your personal circumstances.

You will be invited to complete a questionnaire asking about your personal information. This includes your name, age, date of birth and where you were born.  It also includes a health assessment which asks about your healthcare needs, such as if you are pregnant or on any medication. Your information will be kept strictly confidential in line with General Data Protection (GDPR) rules.

For moving to accommodation with a host, the questionnaire will ask about where you would prefer to be located. We cannot guarantee that you will be located in your preferred area.




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