DWP benefits case transfers: survey findings

Social Security Experience Panels participants' views about case transfer process of some of the UK Department for Work and Pensions benefits now to be delivered by the Scottish Government.

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The most important priority

We asked respondents to choose the priority that they thought was the most important.

  • The most popular option was 'clients continue to receive the correct payments at the correct time' with almost 3 in 10 respondents saying this was the most important

We asked respondents why they had selected this as the most popular option.

The most popular reason was that people need the money from their benefits to live on and that not receiving a payment on time would be a struggle.

"People on benefits are already struggling. Stopping payments while they reapply or changeover will see them suffer more hardship. Many facing hunger and worse, homelessness."

"Most clients already struggle to work on a very small budget it would be totally unfair to add any more pressure."

"Money is vital to pay for food and electricity/gas, clothing etc."

  • Also very popular, with just over a quarter of respondents selecting it as the most important was 'for disability benefits, no-one will be subject to a face to face re-assessment by DWP'

Many respondents told us they find assessment's stressful.

"Having to be re-assessed is so very, very stressful."

"Everyone fears face to face meetings. It causes unnecessary stress, worry and anxiety that could be completely avoided with a good application system."

  • 'Clients not needing to re-apply for the benefit as part of the case transfer' was also popular with 15% of respondents selecting it as the most important

Similar to face to face assessments, respondents told us having to re-apply for benefits was also stressful.

"The most distressing experience for claimants is reapplying for benefits they have already qualified for."

"The Stress of having to re-apply for benefits sometimes too much for some people."



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