DWP benefits case transfers: survey findings

Social Security Experience Panels participants' views about case transfer process of some of the UK Department for Work and Pensions benefits now to be delivered by the Scottish Government.

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About the research

This report details the findings of the case transfer research with Experience Panels Members.

Social Security Scotland will be taking over paying benefits for people already receiving payments from DWP. This will involve receiving information from DWP about clients and taking over their payments. This process is called 'case transfer.'

  • 2,456 invites
  • 404 survey responses

The research took place in

  • January 2019

The research asked:

DWP → Social Security Scotland

Respondents ideas about the best way to transfer cases

What respondents thought was important about the transfer of cases

Respondents thoughts on when cases should transfer over

Respondents were between

  • 16 – 79 years old
  • 35% Man or boy
  • 65% Woman or girl
  • 80% lived in an urban location
  • 20% lived in an rural location

Respondents took part in 28 out of 32 local authority areas

Just over 8 in 10 survey respondents had a disability or long term health condition, including:

  • chronic pain
  • severe hearing impairments
  • severe visual impairments
  • other kinds of long term health condition



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