NHSScotland waiting times guidance: November 2023

This guidance replaces the previous waiting times guidance (2012) to support health boards in the delivery of the national waiting times standards. The guidance will continue to make sure that patients who are on waiting lists are managed fairly and consistently across NHSScotland.

Annex 6 – 18 Weeks RTT Outpatient Clinic Outcome Recording

One Outcome Code must be selected for every patient seen at the Outpatient Clinic (new appointment).

All codes on the left-hand side of the form have an outcome which will cause the patient’s clock to stop i.e. the patient has reached the end of their care pathway.

This is the date on which the patient starts the treatment that is most appropriate for the patient’s disease, condition, or injury.

All codes on the right-hand side of the form have an outcome where the patient’s clock continues to tick, pauses or is adjust to zero waiting time.

Code Outcome for Patient – Clock Stopped Code Outcome for Patient – Clock still Ticking / Paused / Zeroed
01 Therapeutic treatment commenced / medical treatment prescribed by clinician today 101 Add to waiting list for admission / OP procedure – for treatment (includes for admission today)
02 Medical treatment to be prescribed by GP 102 Admit today for diagnostic tests / diagnostic OP Procedure carried out today – awaiting results
03 Patient fitted with a medical device today 103 Refer for diagnostic test
04 Decision taken to start active monitoring / watchful waiting 104 Refer for treatment to Nurse / AHP
05 Patient declined treatment 105 Refer for investigation / treatment to another clinician – same condition Retain responsibility for patient care
06 No treatment required / patient discharged 106 Refer for investigation / treatment to another clinician – same condition Transfer of care to another clinician
07 Patient DNA – no further appointment 107 Return OP Appointment – continuing management pre- treatment
08 Return OP appointment – treatment already started / complete 108 Patient considering options
109 Patient DNA – further appointment


Email: waitingtimespolicy@gov.scot

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