NHSScotland waiting times guidance: November 2023

This guidance replaces the previous waiting times guidance (2012) to support health boards in the delivery of the national waiting times standards. The guidance will continue to make sure that patients who are on waiting lists are managed fairly and consistently across NHSScotland.

15. Access to Health Services for Armed Forces Personnel and Veterans

15.1 Armed Forces Relocation within the UK


When a member of the UK armed forces or a member of their family moves into a new location in the UK, their previous waiting time should be taken into account. The expectation is that treatment in their new location will be met within the waiting time standards and Treatment Time Guarantee, according to their clinical need.

It is important that Health Boards have processes in place to ascertain how long these patients have waited to ensure that these patients continue their waiting time and do not have their clock start from zero at the new location.

15.2 Paying Due Regard to the Armed Forces Covenant


No veteran (including those who have served as reservists) or their family should be disadvantaged, as a result of their membership of the Armed Forces, when accessing NHS services.

It is for Health Boards and clinicians to determine how they ensure that they uphold their responsibilities under the Armed Forces Covenant duty. Further detailed guidance for veterans can be found at Armed_Forces_Covenant_Duty_Statutory_Guidance.pdf (publishing.service.gov.uk).


Email: waitingtimespolicy@gov.scot

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