National Trauma Transformation Programme: Trauma-Informed Maternity Services Pathfinders - Learning Report

Commissioned as part of the National Trauma Transformation Programme (NTTP), this report presents the findings from two trauma-informed maternity services pathfinder projects.

Appendix A: Familiarisation and Scoping Road Map

An image setting out the six steps required to understand the context and readiness for the transformation of a service to becoming trauma-informed. Under each of the six steps the tools and processes used to understand and assess the service’s readiness to change are listed. For example, process mapping, interviews with those with lived experience and understanding existing staff knowledge of the NTTP and TIP. The six steps are (1) understanding systems, (2) multi-profession scoping sessions,(3) workforce learning needs analysis, (4) Maternity Trauma-informed Implementation Group, (5) Trauma-informed lens event and (6) voice of those with lived experience.

A pdf of this image is available separately on request if a larger font size is needed.



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